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mobile websites

All websites are viewed on mobile phones and tablets. Ask us to view your website viewer statistics to determine how much of your overall traffic is viewed on these mobile devices!

We offer two major options: Responsive and Conversion.

  • Responsive: creating 3 distinct style sheets (designs) of your mobile websites and add a script to automatically load either typical desktop, tablet or smart phone
  • Conversion: On a separate mobile web hosting platform, build a mobile enable framework that pulls content from your current website and builds a mobile enabled version in real time to present your website on smart phones.


Websites Facts:

  • It takes 26 hours for the average person to report a lost wallet, but only 68 minutes to report their lost phone (Unisys, 2012)
  • 70% of all searches on mobile phones result in action within one hour (Mobile Marketer, 2012)
  • 61% of mobile searched that land on mobile enabled websites lead to a phone call (Google, 2012)

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Chris is an excellent graphics and web designer. He is well versed in search engine optimization as well. Chris can take your marketing ideas from idea to design to completion. I have enjoyed working with Chris on several projects and highly recommend his work.

December 22, 2014